AJK Leo Club Of SMK Sacred Heart 2010/2011




Leo Jackie Wong

Vice President I

Leo Look Soon Fong

Vice President II

Leo Pauline Wong


Leo Sia Shze Ni

Vice Secretary

Leo Andy Ting Sing Ee


Leo Alvin Wong

Vice Treasurer

Leo William Hii

Tamer I

Leo Chieng Siew Hee

Tamer II

Leo Foo She Fui

Tail-Twister I

Leo Lau Siew Hin

Tail-Twister II

Leo Penny Ting

Director Of Member I

Leo Moh Hiong Yu

Director Of Member II

Leo Nge She Shi

Attendance I

Leo Andy Ting Ing Jiing

Attendance II

Leo Sherilyn Tang

Environment I

Leo Timothy Hu

Environment II

Leo William Ngu

Constitution By Law I

Leo Ngo Ying Ying

Constitution By Law II

Leo Joan Hii

Drug Awareness I

Leo Hii Moe Kiat

Drug Awareness II

Leo Alvinia Kong

Finance I

Leo Wong Chee Poh

Finance II

Leo Hu Ben Wen

Publicity I

Leo Catherine Lee

Publicity II

Leo Ngu San San


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