AJK Leo Club Of SMK Sacred Heart 2010/2011




Leo Ha Sing Yong

Vice President I

Leo Catherine Yeo Kiat Ling

Vice President II

Leo Cassandra Kong


Leo Ting Huong Eng

Vice Secretary

Leo Yii Zhi Wei


Leo Tiong Kung Hing

Vice Treasurer

Leo Catherine Kong

Tamer I

Leo Phang Wee Chuan

Tamer II

Leo Jimmy Ting

Tail-Twister I

Leo Eric Tang

Tail-Twister II

Leo Chuo Ngiu Kong

Director Of Member I

Leo Kelvin Ting H.H

Director Of Member II

Leo Thomas Ling

Attendance I

Leo Liong Qiao Hui

Attendance II

Leo Hii Siew Ping

Environment I

Leo Ling Su Yew

Environment II

Leo Anita Lau

Constitution By Law I

Leo Chieng Ching Nguan

Constitution By Law II

Leo Odell Wong


Leo Wendy Ling Sing Yii

Vice ICT I

Leo Ong Kah Sin


Leo Chiew Boh Ling

Finance I

Leo Kevin Yong

Finance II

Leo Lau Bih Sheng


Leo Benjamin Ngu

Vice Publicity I

Leo Aw Suk Ee

Vice Publicity II

Leo Cantona Chhoa

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