What is Leo Club??

Leo Clubs is a youth organization of Lions Clubs International. The word L E O stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunity. Fulfilling our main objective which is to serve to care and care for others. Leo socialize well with people of life and from all around the globe. It’s an essential body as every leo get the chance to develop their leadership skills, gain experience via the various activities held and encourage to strive while the irin is hot.   It is the world’s largest youth organization.

We Exist Because……

We’re all members of the Family of Man. Universally, Leos and their sponsoring Lions clubs are linked through their unbreakable bond of determination to improve the human condition. We are willing to serve the less fortunate by giving freely of our time, energy, patience….And love. No matter what you give to the world as a Leo, you’ll get back again in Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.

 Leos are youth of ages between 13 to 28 years with high moral standard and dedicated to community service and not member of other service clubs.

13-18(school based)-alpha leo

18-28(open based)-omega leo

Youth is a period of life marked by great changes. It is an age when people leave home, attend school, serve in the military, take employments, seek a mate, and pursue careers. You can therefore expect the Leo Club’s membership to fluctuate from the year to year, and even during the year

What Is The Benefits To Join Leo?

Who benefits from Leo clubs? Young people . participation in Leo activities and projects helps young people prepare for the future by developing leadership, organizational and social skills. Members experience increase self-esteem and personal growth as they meet challengers and accept responsibilities. By volunteering their time and talents for the benefit of others, Leos learn firsthand the value and rewards of service. Leo club involvement of helping others. The sponsoring Lion club. By sharing in service activities, a Leo can increase a Lions club’s Effectiveness in helping others. Leo projects within the community also contribute to a Lions club’s visibility and good reputation. Working with young people can help Lions club members experience renewed interest and enthusiasm for project and activities. If Leos are sons or daughters of Lions, club involvement becomes a “family affair”. The community. Leo projects contribute to the well-being of the community. Improving the environment, promoting drug awareness, offering health services, visiting the elderly and providing food, clothing and supplies to the quality of life for others. Involvement in improve in the Leo International Environment Project helps to create a more ecologically concerned world.


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